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The best looking cat on the web! As you might have guessed, my name is Tigger. You also probably noticed that I am remarkably good looking, but don't let the beautiful face fool you...I'm also very smart & hard working (not to mention modest)
I watch over a human named Cindy, and I also take care of a bunch of other cats who aren't nearly as smart or good looking as I am. I'm the oldest (and the largest) so that makes me the boss. Sadly, Cleo & Cosmo are no longer with us. Cosmo went to Rainbow Bridge on June 13, 2005, and Cleo on May 2, 2007. My human & I still miss them a lot, even old grouchy Cleo. I hope they get along better now than they did here.
Noah Crazy Cosmo
Old cranky tail Cleo Little Xena
I'm a little bit larger than the average cat.....I weighed in at an impressive 17 20(!) errrr, let's just say a lot of pounds on my last visit to the Doc. But before you start thinking that I'm obese, you should know that I have a very large frame! I've come a long way since I was rescued from an animal shelter-visit my page to find out more. Noah, Cosmo, Xena & Cleo have their own pages, too, and hopefully my lazy human will start adding some pages for the newer guys. I also have a club for former shelter cats like myself. I'm no longer able to accept new members, but please Visit my club membership roster pages to see pictures of all the wonderful members! There's lots of stuff to see here, so sniff around and look things over.


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Are you a lucky rescue cat? Click HERE to meet the winners of my Lucky Cat Contest. We are no longer accepting entries, but stay tuned... we'll have more contests soon!

Does your site qualify for my Lifesaver Award? Just click here for more information, and to see the list of winners. Be sure to visit my Soapbox page, too, to find out how important it is to spay and neuter your pets.

Do you believe in miracles? Visit my I believe in miracles page, read Cody's story, and apply for my award!

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Free desktop wallpaper that you can download. Wouldn't you just love to have my handsome face on your computer? Click
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Tigger's Cat Forums
Come and visit my forums especially for cats & their people. The Cat Scratch Forum is a forum for cat lovers; Cat Talk is a forum where cats can talk to cats, and Cat Pix is a forum where you can post your cat pictures. You don't even have to have them on a website, you can just upload them in your post. The Shelter Cat Club is a forum where you can join my Shelter Cat Club, post your pictures, and tell your rescue story. All of these forums require registration, but if you don't want to register, try My Open Forum. Come check them all out!

Tigger Cam!Tigger Cam!

Now you can see me live and in action. My webcams are on every day,24 hours a day, and I have live streaming video, too! Click here, and maybe you'll see ME.   Now with five  live cams!

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I have a brand new Photo Gallery There are lots of pictures of the whole gang, and you are welcome to use any of them as wallpaper. Click here to see our Shockwave movie, or click Here to see our photo album.

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Were you adopted from a shelter? Were you once a stray? If your answer is yes, then my Shelter Cats Club is just for you! Help me show the world that rescue cats are the best! Click here to find out all about it, including how to join. I can't wait to hear from you! New!!! Now you can upload your own pictures!

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If you don't visit any other page, Please visit my Soapbox. Spay/neuter & shelter adoptions are very near & dear to my heart, and there's some important information here. Each of the cats that live with me has their very own Cleo, Cosmo, Noah, Xena or ME!
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