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Deep thinker This is me, thinking very deep thoughts.
My best bud Noah, relaxing after a hard day. Noah sleeping on his back
Cleo on the sofa The delicate Miss Cleo
Just a little catnap. Taking care of humans is hard work! catnap
Who is that gorgeous cat! Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fattest cat of all?
Noah, posing pretty for the camera. pretty Noah
Sweet baby Cosmo My brother, Cosmo. Isn't he a cutie!
I am Tigger, hear me roar! Such a lovely singing voice!
Tig in the tub My water fountain.
Me, when I was just a baby. Pretty cute, huh? MEOW!!!
Tig writing HTML Here I am, hard at work on my website.
Life is good! the good life

*The photos on this page were made with an HP Photosmart Digital Camera.

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