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It is with great sadness that I must tell you that my very good friend Boomer made the journey to Rainbow Bridge on October 25, 2000. Boomer's life here was much too short, but he sure had a good time while he was here. His wonderful spirit will live on in our hearts forever. Have a good time at the bridge old buddy...I'll meet you there someday.

Hi I'm Boomer, I was adopted from a Humane Society when I was just 8 weeks old. My parents actually came back to the shelter 3 times just for me! I was still in the preadopt area when they first spotted me, and they just fell in love and kept coming back till I was ready to be adopted. So they originally named me Boomerang because they kept coming back. Now I'm Boomer, Boomy Bug, Baby Boomer, Little Boy Boom etc.

I'm 5 years old and have had an interesting life so far. When I was 4 I became blocked with crystals, this is called FUS (Feline Urilogical Syndrome) or FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease). I eat a special food now that should never let me get this painful disease again. I have more information about my experience on my webpage.

I have so much fun in my house, my parents are a push over and let me do anything I want (except go outside). They call me crazy because I climb walls, jump in the fridge, talk to myself etc. etc. hey they are the one's giving me the catnip, what do they expect. Yes like Tigger, I too am a "Nipaholic", I can't get enough of the stuff. I'm an only cat but do have a sister named Jazmyn she's a dog, or as she prefers a Shih Tzu, I guess that's her breed but I just think she sneezed. Mom & Dad got her at the shelter too. I'm bigger then her so she is kinda fun to have around, we play lots together actually.

Sometimes we get little kittens running around here! Mom fosters them from the Humane Society and keeps them for 10 weeks or until they are big enough to be adopted. I like these little ones they are extra playful and I can blame them if something breaks, hee hee. I'm always up to something so come visit my site and see what's new. See ya there, purrs from Boomer the Crazy Cat!

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