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Hi! I'm so glad that I finally have a chance to set the record straight! Don't believe anything that Tigger says about me. I'm actually a very nice cat. He's just jealous because I'm so much prettier than he is. I was the first of the 5 cats to live here, and if I had my way I would be the ONLY cat!

I'm 5 years old, & I was the only female cat of the household until Xena came to live here. pretty girl

I hate boy cats!! Boy cats are very hard to live with. They eat my food, sleep in my favorite spots & chew up my toys. I've tried to teach the boys some manners, but they never listen to me.


Noah is not too bad, but Tigger & Cosmo are impossible! They just don't seem to understand that I am the Queen of the House! I hate to resort to violence, but sometimes I have to bop them on the nose a few times to get their attention. Boy cats just aren't very smart. Big girl

Thanks for stopping by to see me. I feel much better now that I've been able to tell my side of the story. Come back to see me & remember....whenever the boys around you start getting on your nerves, a couple of bops on the nose works every time!


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