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Some of the smartest, prettiest, sweetest & most talented cats in the world can be found at shelters. Need proof? Just look below:

I hope you enjoy looking at all the beautiful members, but PLEASE remember...all the photos are the property of the respective club members, so please don't take them without permission!

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Tigger! 1.TIGGER (that's me!) Noah! 2.My baby brother, Noah.
Lillie! 3.My friend, Lillie, lives in Alabama with her sister, Gorbi Cleo! 4.My sister, Cleo(she isn't really a shelter cat, but she pouted till I let her join)
Gabriel 5.The brother I never knew-Gabriel: Aug. 1980-May, 1996 Stewart! 6.Stewart..from stray to ruler of the house. Visit him here
Oliver! 7.Oliver-whose full name is bigger than he is-Visit his award-winning site! Cali! 8.Lovely Cali, the calico alarm clock-This is her Home Page
Rose! 9.One purr-fect Rose. Visit her here! Say "Hi" to Slinky! Harley & Halloween! 10.Visit Harley Davidson, shelter escapee extraordinaire, and her brother Halloween, Here.
Lilith! 11.Lilith likes to help her mom with her knitting. Visit her Home page. Ashley! 12.Ashley was having a very bad week before she was adopted, but now she has her own web site!
Beaux! 13.Ashley's brother, Beaux, who can sit up like a human! See more pix here. not the real Smokey! 14.I don't have a real photo of Smokey, but he tells me he's black with yellow eyes & he lives in Chicago.

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Shelter Cat Club Members
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