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Casino! 281.When Casino's purrson came to the shelter, Casino grabbed him and wouldn't let go. Now Casino has a wonderful home, and a website too! Vegas! 282.Vegas is Casino's sister, and was once a shelter cat too. On her webpage she tells people to adopt a shelter pet.
Socks! 283. Socks lives in New Zealand and will be one year old in August, 2000. Socks is black & white, & very playful & has a sister named Sassy. Dickens! 284.Dickens was adopted from a shelter when he was just 6 wks old. He's a 20 lb handsome boycat now, with bright blue eyes. Meet him & the rest of the catgang Here!
Runtell! 285.Runtell was the runt of his litter, and was abandoned in the streets. He was taken to a shelter, where his mom saw him & fell in love. He has a very happy life now, and his very own "amazing" website! Dusty! 286.Dusty Grey is all grey with green eyes, and he's a bundle of energy. His brothers Mac & Jazpurr are Shelter Cat Club members too!

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