Hiya, folks! Glad to meet ya!

I came to live here in September, 1998.

I was just a little kitty then, but I'm a big boy now!

I'm the only orange cat of the household, so I think

that makes me purr-ty special.

I am a very sweet looking boy, but my mom says that looks can be very deceiving! I don't mean to be bad, but trouble just seems to follow me like a shadow. sweet boy

I really like living here. Noah & Tig are the best buds a cat could have, and it's fun to chase Xena up & down the hall. Cleo, however, is the bane of my existence!


She has slapped my poor pink nose so many times it feels like a punching bag, and I've never done anything to deserve it! (Well, hardly anything!)

Be sure to visit her so she'll stay in a good mood, but tell her to lighten up, OK?


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