Dear Tigger,

My name is Peanut. I think you might know about me already. My story can be found HERE! I think I'm pretty lucky. I didn't start out feeling this way. I was abused and finally thrown from a moving car. I happened upon a nice lady who took me to the vet where the folks there took pity on me. I've had to have surgery to fix a broken hip and I've had to have nasty procedures done every third day since then to make sure my pelvis doesn't fall out of place and stop me from pooping. I can't pee on my own, so my new humans have to help me. Other than that, I'm a healthy and happy little kitten!!!

Written at Peanut's request by Kim A. ThunderWolf
ThunderWolf Animal Sanctuary
Furs, Jewels, and Riches
The Furs on their backs, the Jewels in their eyes, and the Riches they bring to our lives.
(copyright 2001 ktw)


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