Dear Tigger,

Hi! My name is Pippi. I was born on May 9 at a house where very ignorant people lived. They took me and my littermates inside and left my mommy out in the hot heat. When I was 3 days old, they took me, my mommy, and my last dead littermate to the vet wanting to know what was wrong. The vet told them that they should put me to sleep, the people agreed, signed the papers, got the mommy vaccinated and went on their way. Little did they know that my mommy was in the back, and her and the nice Dr. lady couldn't bear to put me to sleep. They amputated my dead foot, which was suffocated by my dead littermate's umbilical cord that was wrapped around. My mommy took me home and fed me, played with me, and gave me my medicine. Along with this icky experience, after being in a warm and loving home just a few hours, I started feeling these icky wormy things crawling in my stump and yelled for mom. She took me up to work pulled them all out (they were maggots) and disinfected my little stump leg. My mommy kept nursing me back to health, I had some troubles with pooping in the beginning...but now I use the big girl box. After a vaccine at 6 weeks, my mommy said it was time for my stump to come off. She took me up to work, and they amputated my whole leg, up to the hip. After it healed I was more rambunctious than ever! I have 3 brothers and 6 sisters at home, and they all take turns playing with me.

I think I am very lucky that my mommy was able to save me, cuz I couldn't be any happier! Even if I had all 4 legs!!

Sincerely, PipSqueak (Pippi)

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