Hi Tigger,

I was rescued from the house next door, where I had been shut in by a realtor who didn't know I had crept in an open door. I was in this house, alone, no food or water for almost two weeks before my soon-to-be human saw me in the window and called someone to let her in. I had to test her and see if she was serious, so I hid and made her get three different kinds of those scary traps and try to get me for a month. Finally, I decided we had all had enough and set the trap off to let her catch me. She took me to the vet, where they poked me with needles (didn't like that at all, howled REALLY LOUD) and found out that I wasn't wild, just scared. My s-t-b human didn't really want to keep me, she had 4 other resident felines who didn't want a big, furry guy like me, but I kept influencing the six people who said they wanted me, to change their minds the next day and turn me down. After another trip to the vet, where they did HORRIBLE things to me (I'm not the same guy that I was), my s-t-b human realized that I was there to stay and she really didn't want me going anywhere else anyway. I am now up to about 15 lbs., I'm a big guy, a black Maine Coon type, not registered, since I couldn't bring my papers with me. Food is plentiful here, but I really hate when other cats come in MY backyard. I don't want to share, except with the other Permanent Residents. My humans aren't too bad, just need constant re-training.
Merlin, dictated to his human

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