Little boy


I'm Noah, Tigger's little brother, & I was a shelter cat too. I was about 4 months old when I came to live here in September of 1997. Cindy hadn't really planned on getting another cat, but she heard on the news that a local shelter was being forced to close. It had always been a no kill shelter, but the county wouldn't renew their contract unless they agreed to change their policy. ( The new contract stated that animals could be held for a maximum of 10 days before being euthanized.) They refused, and had only a few days to find homes for a shelter full of animals, including me! All the cat cages were full...even though the shelter was closing, people were still bringing new animals in almost as fast as the old ones could be adopted out. For some reason, though, Cindy picked me out as soon as she walked through the door. She took me from my cage & I started to purr, and she knew I was the one!

Maybe she felt sorry for me. I was a funny looking kitty at the time. I was very undernourished, so my ears & my eyes looked way too big for my tiny body. Cindy called me "the little gargoyle". Little Gargoyle


Sweet boy Since then, she has discovered that I have many talents. I am a very good alarm clock. I wake Cindy up at the same time every day by patting her on the eyelids with my paws. If she refuses to open her eyes, I bite the end of her nose. I can't let her oversleep! (Too bad that the time I wake her is about an hour before she actually has to get up.)


I am also very skilled at turning big pieces of paper into tiny pieces of paper. My favorite things to shred are Cat Fancy magazines. They make very pretty, colorful confetti. I also like to hide in the bathtub & jump through the shower curtain to surprise Cindy. She really likes that! Purrrrrr!



This is the life! Thanks for stopping by to visit me. Be sure to visit Cleo & Cosmo, too. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for my hourly nap!



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