My Purrson


I've been trying fur a long time to talk my purrson into making her own page, but she always sez no. I finally decided that I'd just have to take matters into my own paws and do it myself. Since she usually helps me with my tyxpinxg & speling pleese xcoose any mistaxe I make!


My purrson is named Cindy. She's married to Mark & we all live in a restored condominium in a historic district of Birmingham called Forest Park. We really like it has hardwood floors that are very good for running & sliding & has lots of big windows. Cindy & Mark with Cosmo


Every week day, Cindy goes to something called a "job". She says that it pays her money so she can buy my food, so I guess it can't be all bad. She works for a bank in a tall building downtown.



She's a Vice-President, Corporate Trust Officer. That means that she works with cities when they need to issue bonds for things like new schools or improvements to their litterboxes (Cleo says hoomans call it sewer systems--she's such a know-it-all!) She reviews legal documents, invests money, keeps bondholder records & Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. (If it doesn't involve food, my mind tends to wander.)


When she isn't working or helping me with my website, she likes to go outside & run. No, nobody is chasing her, and she isn't chasing anybody- she just runs for the heck of it. Hoomans- go figure! She also likes to drive her new car....she tries to get me to ride with her, but I prefer getting around on my own 4 feet! The devil car that takes me to the VET!
Cindy & Me The most important thing about my purrson is that she loves us all very much...even old grouchy-butt Cleo! She thinks she is very lucky to have us, and the feeling is very mutual. Oh, by the way, don't tell Cindy about this page or she might erase it! It will just be our little secret, O.K?


By the way, my purrson made the background set on this page,

and most of the other pages on my site. If you like it you can

find more by clicking on the button below.

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