catnip is a Necessity!

Hello, my name is Tigger & I'm a nipaholic.Yes, I hate to admit it but I'm addicted to that demon weed, otherwise known as, you guessed it, CATNIP! I'll do just about anything to get it. The humans keep it out of my reach, but I'm always plotting ways to get to it. Once I even tried to push a bar stool over to the pantry so I could climb up to where they hide my nip, but I pushed just a little too hard and knocked the stool over. Of course that alerted the humans to my plan, and they hid the catnip in a new spot. How did I sink to this level? Maybe if I go back to the beginning I can figure it out......

I did have a pretty rough start. I began my life in an animal shelter. No, I haven't always been the robust, healthy (some *UNKIND* folks even say *FAT*) kitty specimen you see before you now. When Cindy first brought me home , I was really tiny. I was a puny little thing..I threw up all the time & had to spend a lot of time at the Vet's office. After a couple of weeks,
though, things finally settled down & I started to grow.

The weeks passed by quickly, and I grew healthier & stronger.. It soon became obvious that I was destined to be an exceptionally handsome cat! Little Tigger

Neutered?  What's that??? When I was about six months old, Cindy took me to the doctor's office and said that I would have to spend the night there, but she wouldn't tell me why. They gave me something that made me sleep a long time, and when I woke up, I had the strangest feeling that something was missing......Cindy said that it was just my imagination, but I think she might not be telling the whole truth.
A couple of months later, I got a great new toy! It was silvery grey & furry, & when I bit it, it hissed at me. Turns out it wasn't actually a toy, but another cat. We named him Noah, and he's my very best friend. Best friends    
Cleo, the grouch Noah's a good kid, but Cleo is not nice at all. She lived here for about 3 years before we came along, and she doesn't like us very much. Actually, she tolerates Noah, but she slaps my nose every chance she gets. She just doesn't seem to understand that I am the man of the house. Maybe that's why I turned to catnip, to help me forget my pain & frustration!

Well folks, that's my story. I guess I'm just a hopeless catnip addict, but maybe I can keep someone else from making my mistakes. Thanks for listening & remember...........


This is YOU... Sleepy cat


This is you on Catnip!!! Crazy Cat

Get the Picture? JUST SAY NO!!!

Pretty Boy

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