Hi! My name is Xena, and I became a member of the Germek family on Feb 28, 1999. The other cats weren't too happy about it at first, but we get along pretty well now.
I'm a dainty little girl, and I have big baby blue eyes. I also have a very loud voice and I love to talk.

My favorite activities are eating, napping and slapping the other cats. When you're the smallest, you have to be tough! I'm not afraid of anything.....except the vacuum cleaner!
Blue eyes Oh, by the way, Cleo thinks she is the prettiest, but anyone can plainly see that I'm the cutest! Just don't tell her I said so...she can be a little cranky sometimes.

Look what my friend Fran made just for me! she has lots more at her Website, and she has pretty calling cards, too. Thanks Fran! (and Frasier & Magnum too.)

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